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Welcome to Mikrofonden Halland

Mikrofonden Halland is an organisation which offers guarentees and other financial
support to social economy organisations in the county of Halland. Organisations
as cooperatives, societies, unions and federations.

Social economy is originally a EU term. In Sweden we are more used to talking about
the civil society or the non-profit sector. Not until lately, have we realised the importance
of these organisations’ importance for growth and entrepreneurship. In 1991 the government delivered the following definition of social economy: “organised businesses that primarily
have social aims, are founded on democratic values and are organisationally independent
of the public sector. These social and financial businesses are mainly run by associations, cooperatives, foundations and similar compositions. Businesses within the social economy
sector put the benefit of the general public or the members before profit.”

The purpose of Mikrofonden Halland is to increase entrepreneurship and the growth of
new and existing cooperatives and organisations within social economy.

This is made possible because of a unique combination of advice and engagement in a
network and of course also because of the possibility of getting funding for developing ideas. Associations with the potential to develop can improve their quality and their financial ability.

For more information and application,
please contact Kajsa Vik

Mikrofonden Halland 
c/o Coompanion Halland
Kvarngatan 2, S-311 32 Falkenberg, Sweden
Phone: +46-70 514 77 65